Conservatories Basildon

Adding a conservatory to your home is the perfect solution if you are looking to make the most of the natural light and warmth that enters your garden throughout the year. Visually satisfying and highly versatile, a conservatory offers you a place
to relax, work or entertain guests.

If you’re aiming to add some extra space to your house by working within building regulations but want to avoid the hassle of obtaining planning permission, a conservatory is your ideal choice.


Conservatory company Basildon

Anigmar Solutions is the go-to choice for anyone looking to add a conservatory to their Basildon home. With a combined experience of over 50 years as conservatory installers and service that is completely tailored to you, Anigmar Solutions
gives each customer unrivalled levels of expertise, the highest quality materials and a QANW-backed 10-year guarantee.

All of our conservatories are of exceptional quality and great value.

Better still, it’s easy to get in touch to request your free, no-obligation quote.

Conservatories Basildon

Key features and benefits of a conservatory

Most people have more than one reason for considering adding a brand new conservatory to their property. Whilst the extra space advantage is an obvious appeal, some are drawn to having a unique space to relax in and admire their garden in warmth and

Numerous studies have shown the link between natural light and our feelings of happiness, wellbeing and a productive mindset. Nothing gives you an influx of natural light quite like a conservatory.

Bridging the gap between the bucolic appeal of the great outdoors and the cosiness of the home, a conservatory offers the best of both worlds with many people choosing to utilise their conservatory’s heat-retention properties to create the optimum
environment for house plants to thrive. Whatever your reason for choosing a conservatory, Anigmar Solutions is on hand to deliver bespoke and professional service every step of the way.

Each conservatory built by Anigmar Solutions offers an array of structural benefits and customisation options to ensure you get precisely what you want.

Colour options

Alongside the traditional white option, we can also build conservatories in brown or grey UPVC as well as multiple different grains and finishes.


Every conservatory produced under the Anigmar brand is guaranteed watertight and built to withstand even the most adverse of weather.

Multi-chambered profile

Specially-engineered materials and a multi-chambered profile are the ultimate combination in keeping the chill out of your conservatory.

Personal touches

Looking to embellish your conservatory with some added extras? We can install all manner of finishing touches, whether it be roof finials, some extra decorative cresting or even an integrated speaker system. Let us know what you have in
mind and we can work it into your conservatory design.

Thermal efficiencys

Heat retaining components such as installing double glazing, other glazing options and light diffusion systems work in tandem to guarantee maximum insulation within your conservatory; keeping it warm and energy efficient.

Bespoke Service

There’s no ‘’one size fits all’’ when it comes to conservatories and so we cater to each and every one of our customer’s precise requests and ideas. Before we even begin, a member of our team will take the time to fully understand your
project and will remain on call throughout. We’re even here if you need to speak to us after the work has been completed. All of our professional tradesmen work in-house and we never use contractors, so you can feel confident that
you’re getting the Anigmar seal of quality in every aspect of the work.

How much does a conservatory cost in Basildon?

As with any home-improvement project, the cost will be dependent on a multitude of factors. The obvious considerations surrounding quality and quantity of materials, the size of the conservatory will apply as well as any bespoke touches.
These will all directly influence the price. Other factors to bear in mind are:

  • Whether you choose double glazing or triple glazing.
  • Your anticipated timescale and if you are looking to expedite the build time.
  • Any special requirements concerning the intended usage of your conservatory e.g a home gym.

Although it can be tricky to gather an initial idea of the estimated cost, Anigmar Solutions are always reachable for a free quote, so contact us now to get started on your conservatory.

Conservatories Basildon

Conservatory Styles

Anigmar Solutions offers a wide range of conservatory options to meet your individual needs, budget and property requirements. When it comes to the many different types of conservatory – we build them all. From brick-based Orangeries to UPVC conservatories
we cover all areas of conservatory installation. We also give advice on the maintenance and refurbishment of your conservatory. Read on to learn about our full range.

Edwardian Conservatories Basildon

An Edwardian conservatory is perhaps not quite as decorative as its cousin: the Victorian conservatory, but still delivers when it comes to the key benefits that a conservatory offers you. The Edwardian style conservatory is one of the
traditional styles and in most cases is simply an extension of three walls attached to a wall that already exists.

The simplicity of the plan means it’s easy to build a large Edwardian-style conservatory and the more symmetrical shape means that floor space is maximised.

Victorian Conservatories Basildon

Our most frequently requested and built conservatory design. Its adaptability is a huge bonus and means it will suit most types of home. A Victorian conservatory is easily identifiable by its heavy ornamentation, steeply pitched roof and
multi-faceted front of between 3-5 panels of double glazing. The somewhat majestic design adds some elegance to your property whilst, of course, giving you extra space, warmth and a bright space to relax. If you’re looking for the
quintessential building the Victorian could be your ideal conservatory.

Lean To Conservatories Basildon

Not too dissimilar to the Edwardian style conservatory design, the lean-to is another build that favours function over flare. That’s not to say they’re unattractive structures and will still enhance your property no end. A Lean to conservatory
can still accommodate full-sized floor to ceiling windows all the way around for a striking and contemporary look. The most notable difference is in the way the roof slants and the rafters ‘’lean’’ against another wall. An option that
will appeal to those who are looking for a more low cost conservatory.

Orangeries in Basildon

An orangery falls more within the category of fully-fledged extension. Being more brick than glass, an orangery will provide you with maximum heat-retention and a more consistent temperature year-round. Plus the addition of the glass lantern
placed on top of the roof will leverage the natural light from the sun.

More comprehensive building work is required for an orangery which means they will likely cost more and in some cases will also require planning permission before being constructed.

P Shape Conservatories Basildon

A stylish and enduring choice of conservatory build. A P-Shaped conservatory combines a standard lean-to design with the aesthetic appeal of the Victorian. Better suited for larger homes due to their complexity, a P-shaped conservatory
adds class and style.

Gable End Conservatories in Basildon

Nothing competes with the aesthetic appeal of a gable end conservatory design. Space and luxury is achieved by creating a triangular roof space and by combining all of the winning elements of the Victorian, Edwardian and lean-to designs.
This particular home extension will open up the back portion of your house, giving it an airy feel.

Bespoke Conservatories in Basildon

Having complete control of the build of your new conservatory enables you to create the extension of your dreams. With unlimited avenues for customisation, a bespoke conservatory will give you a unique space that matches your personal
style and the aesthetic of your property.

We can build these for homes and also on larger buildings where you have a specific usage in mind such as wedding receptions or events.

Naturally, a custom-built conservatory will come with a higher cost attached, however Anigmar are more than happy to discuss your idea and requirements and provide you with an honest and realistic quote.

Local conservatory builders near you in Basildon!

Anigmar Solutions is your number one choice for conservatories in Basildon. A local conservatory specialist, we can work to any budget and any scale whilst bringing you the trademark Anigmar level of excellence and durability.

Conservatory repairs & maintenance in Basildon

As well as constructing new conservatories from scratch, Anigmar also provides a repair and maintenance service for an existing conservatory. We can patch up a conservatory that needs to be restored to its former glory and also offer advice
on how to guarantee you get the most out of your conservatory for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for conservatories in Basildon

Do you replace a conservatory roof?

We certainly do! Get in touch today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free quote about fixing your broken conservatory roof.

What’s the difference between a conservatory and an orangery?

Put simply, a conservatory is usually a structure comprised mainly of glass with the base being made of brick and a pitched glazed conservatory roof. Conversely, an orangery is a brick structure with a flat roof complemented by large windows.

Why is thermal efficiency important for a conservatory?

A lot of people love the warmth and comfort that a conservatory brings and being a structure that is mostly made of double-glazed windows it will naturally draw and hold the heat. Unfortunately, this works both ways and in the colder weather,
it will feel particularly chilly. A well-insulated conservatory not only ensures that it remains a functional and inviting part of your home, but also regulates the temperature and keeps the area mould-free and in its best condition. Ensuring
that your conservatory is thermally-efficient is also great for keeping energy costs down.

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Conservatories Basildon

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