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Whether it’s to open your home up to the outside with patio doors or you need a new, more secure single back door for your home or office, Anigmar are here to help. We have so many different styles and materials available for both patio doors and single back doors too. Look through our back door solution options, on this page.

You wouldn’t settle for front doors that are not completely secure, so why settle for this with your back doors? Intruders mostly target the back doors before the front as they are generally considered to be easier to break into.

Here at Anigmar Solutions, we understand how worrying it can be when you’re aware that your back doors are not as secure as you wish they were. That is why we provide secure back doors in various styles and materials, putting your safety first.

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Types of back doors

We can offer you a wide range of back doors for you to choose from that can fit the design and style of your home.

The types that we offer include

Single back doors

Single back doors are one of the most popular types of doors that we provide. This is mainly because they fit all property types and are usually the cheaper option. We carry various styles of single back doors for you to choose from. We can offer you uPVC back doors and composite back doors.

Sliding patio doors

Sliding patio doors are a type of back door that slides horizontally on a track. They are usually made up of 2 or 3 doors. These types of back doors are also widely popular as they can be designed to fit most properties. They can light up your kitchen and diner space a lot more than other back door types.

Bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors are made up of a series of panels that can fold in to open up your kitchen/dining area into your garden, perfect for summer barbecues! Whether you need a full installation of bi-fold back doors or you need your bi-fold doors repaired, Anigmer is here to help.

Stable doors

Stable doors are made up of two separate doors, one on top of the other. They are able to open independently or together, as one door. These types of doors are the best option for families with pets as you are able to let in fresh air from the outside without letting the dog out. They’re also a good choice for particularly warm homes as cool air can be let in without leaving the back door wide open.

French doors

French doors are hinged double doors, usually coming in pairs. However, glass panels can be added on either side of each door to let more sunlight in. You can choose to have them open inwards or outwards. French doors are made up of panels of glass, differing from double doors which are usually made up of solid wood.

UPVC back doors

UPVC back doors are made up of tough plastic, with no additives when it was manufactured. These types of back doors can help to improve the security of your property. UPVC doors are unsurprisingly the most popular material chosen for back doors as they are cost-effective and provide amazing thermal efficiency due to the toughness of the material.

UPVC back doors are particularly durable and remarkably stand the test of time. These back doors are vigorous and unaffected by rot (unlike wooden doors); another reason for their popularity. Protect your property today by choosing UPVC doors to be fitted at your property. For further information on our UPVC doors, get in touch with Anigmer Solutions. We will have your UPVC back doors fitted in no time!

Composite back doors

Composite back doors are the combination of the durability of UPVC doors with wooden style. These are the perfect option if you are looking for security and style for your new back doors. At Anigmer Solutions, we can offer you a wide range of wooden styles for your composite back doors so that they match the design of the rest of your home.

Composite doors are popular for several reasons. They are suitable for any property and can look homely and stylish in any home. Speak to a member of our team today to have your composite back doors fitted ASAP!

Aluminium back doors

Aluminium is a great material to choose for your back doors as it is a stable, low-density metal. Aluminium back doors are very low-maintenance and easy to clean making them perfect for large families and businesses. This material is tough and long-lasting, ensuring your home and possessions are secure, whilst giving your home a modern and polished look.

Aluminium back doors are perfect for properties by the sea as they are well known for having the ability to withstand strong winds and harsh weather, without weakening over time. Similar to bi-folding doors, aluminium back doors are made up of large panes of glass. This glass is 5 times stronger than basic glass panels. The glass panels on our aluminium doors are made to shatter if impacted, reducing the risk of injury if they are broken.

Glass back doors

At Anigmar Solutions, we can offer you a wide range of glass back doors, including bi-fold doors, sliding patio doors and french doors. All our back doors are designed with the toughest glass to protect your home and possessions. Whatever type of back door you choose for your home or business, we will ensure they are installed with the most durable glass.

The glass we use for our back doors shatter when impacted to prevent the risk of harm or injury.

Wooden back doors

Wooden back doors are a popular option of external doors at Anigmer Solutions as they can keep your home safe and secure whilst also adding style to your home. This type of material for a back door is perfect if you are looking for bespoke back doors that can match the design and spirit of your home.

Timber is the best material that you could choose if you are looking for extreme security for your property. This material is also exceptional at insulating your home, keeping you warm in the winter. Double glazed back doors are also amazing at keeping in warmth which is why we combine both timber and glass for our wooden back doors.

Back Doors

Back garden door ideas

Our team at Anigmer Solutions can help you to design your bespoke external doors to connect with your garden. With various colours and styles to choose from you could transform your kitchen back doors to compliment the rest of your home. Get in contact for some kitchen back door ideas.

We advise bright colours for modern homes as they allow them to stand out from older properties. They can also light up your garden and kitchen area, allowing them to look a lot less boring.

At Anigmer, we can show you how to think outside the box and show off your new-looking home to your neighbours! We can provide you with the best-looking back door replacement. If you are looking for unique, bespoke ideas for your exterior doors give us a call today!

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