House Extensions Essex

House Extensions Essex

Are you considering extending your home or moving house to a more significant property?  Home extensions builders Essex are on hand to help you create the perfect extensions to your existing property to renovate your home in a way that allows you to live your best life without the upheaval of moving home. In recent years, home extensions in Essex have boomed in popularity thanks to the ability to create more space in your current home without you having to move. Home extensions are a great way to add value to your home, with a single-storey extensions for a kitchen or bathroom adding 6% to the value of your home and a double bedroom adding up to 12%. Choose a double extension, and you could potentially increase the value of your home to around 23%.

Should you extend your property?

This is a highly personal question and something the only you can answer. The main reasons people choose to extend their homes to accommodate a growing family or open more internal space with an open plan layout.  With the property market booming, finding the right new home for your family within your budget and the specs you want can be challenging. Enlisting experienced home extensions specialists Essex to help you create a purpose-built extensions that meets your families needs and requirements is typically a cheaper and easier alternative to moving home.

While you can experience some level of upheaval when having a home extensions Essex built, this is a process that is justified once all the work is completed.

We can build your extensions in Essex!

Anigmar Solutions is an experienced home extensions building company with a proven track record in completing high spec extensions for many homes for both single and double-storey builds. We can help you bring your extensions plans, Essex, to live in a practical yet stunning way that delivers both cost and function. Our expertise in home extensions Essex means we have gained the necessary know-how and tricks of the trade to work alongside you to maximise the space you create that works for your lifestyle and home. We provide free quotes, and we have many satisfied customers who can provide testimonials to our expertise and professionalism when working together to create your dream home extensions.

Building an extensions? – What you need to know!

Considering a home extensions Essex to increase the space in your existing property, There are many different options available to you when looking at extending your home.

Types of House Extensions

There are different types of house extensions you have to utilise unused space around your property, including;

  • Single storey home extensions Essex
  • Rear single storey home extensions
  • Double-storey home extensions
  • Multi-level home extensions
  • Wrap around home extensions
  • Side return extensions
  • Over structure extensions (for example, building over a garage)
  • Glass extensions
  • Conservatories
  • Orangeries

Single Storey Extensions

Single-story house extensions are built onto a portion of a house, with one or more sides of the extensions attached to the property and only the ground floor plus any basement built onto it. Building control is required for single-story extensions, but planning permission may not be necessary.

The addition of a single-storey extensions can significantly increase the value of your home. Some of the possibilities for your home extensions include:

  • Kitchen extensions
  • Dining room
  • Home office
  • Bathroom
  • Playroom
  • Bedroom
  • Utility room
  • Extra room on the ground floor
  • Self-contained room for visitors or live-in relatives

When considering adding a single-storey extensions Essex, the biggest concern is the number of excavations required for the build and any planning permission you may need to obtain. Planning permission isn’t included; however, experienced home extensions builders in Essex will know if you are likely to require planning permission before the works start and help guide you to get clearance for your new extensions. A well designed rear extensions will not only open up space inside your home, but from the exterior, it will have a seamless look as it is integrated into your existing building.

Double Storey Extensions

There are many options you can choose from when looking to undertake a double-storey extensions build. Any part of the existing structure can be extended with a multi-story addition. A two-story rear extensions can be used to add a bedroom or bathroom. You can design a dining room with a stunning ceiling height or a glass roof to maximise light in the new space.

The costs are higher than for a single-story house extensions due to its complexity. The effect on neighbours is far more severe. Only detached or semi-detached houses with a side plot or garden can have a two-story extensions.

The higher the value, the larger the scale of the extensions. This type of house extensions will necessitate the acquisition of planning permission.

Side Return Extensions

A side return extensions is typically used to increase the space in a specific room instead of adding a room itself. Builds of this kind can work alone as a single-storey extensions or a double one and can be included as part of a wrap-around extensions with a rear build.

When extending to the side of your property, usually, this is only allowed on detached or semi-detached properties, and party wall agreements must be looked at for limitations and specifications before any work is undertaken.

Conservatory or Kitchen Extensions

A kitchen extensions is still one of the most popular builds undertaken in home extensions Essex. Big family kitchens can be attractive options to home buyers and ideas for bigger families too. Creating a purpose-built space and allowing you to maximise the area in the kitchen and create a seamless flow into the garden can make the perfect family room. Full glass extensions can give you a space to enjoy the good weather while sitting indoors and create an additional room downstairs in your home. As can adding conservatories.

Extensions Design & Planning

Planning and designing your home extensions Essex can be a lengthy process; the experts at Anigmar Solutions are on hand to assist you with all aspects of home extensions planning and how home extensions builders create your new space.
Building extensions require different factors and specifics, and working with the right home extensions specialists can make sure you do not miss any part of design spaces and planning for your new extensions. All designs will be sympathetic

Building Regulations for Property Extensions

Not all extensions need planning permission, and choosing home extensions services in Essex means you need to be fully aware of your legal obligations regarding appropriate permissions.

Planning Permission

All home extensions that are higher than one level will require specific and detailed plans to be drawn up and submitted for approval. Our expert’s designers can survey your property and use their expertise and knowledge in this area to help you to design your extensions based on the planning permission likely to be granted to you.

Planning permission is essential because it enables your local council to plan for the future and understand how the land is used. This will affect the appearance of buildings, the general landscape, and even road access and environmental implications.

Construction Info

Wondering how your house extensions builders will approach the construction of your property extensions? Extensions builders will follow this construction process;

  • Make and lay the groundwork, including drainage.
  • While insulating, construct both skins of the wall.
  • Build the roof.
  • Install windows and doors outside.
  • Make internal divisions.
  • First, repair the electricity, plumbing, and phone lines.
  • Finish the walls and apply the plaster
  • Install the heating system.
  • Second, repair the electricity, plumbing, and phone lines.
  • Install internal doors, skirting, and other carpentry as needed.
  • Complete decor, including floor coverings.
  • Clean the site to finish.

Stages of Work

The way your home extensions Essex will be completed will follow a strict process to ensure each step of the build is carried out correctly to ensure a safe build at all times.

The initial process includes;

  • After contacting us, the first step is to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.
  • We can arrange for an architect to come to your home.
  • Drawings and structural calculations are created for the client’s approval.
  • Drawings and structural calculations will be submitted to Planning and Building Control.
  • Planning and Building Control approval will be obtained.
  • Next, you move into the construction stage of the build, starting with laying the foundations.

House Extensions Specialists in Essex.

Anigmar Solutions are experts in all types of home extensions builds in Essex. Our property build specialists are on hand to discuss single-storey builds, kitchen or bathroom extensions and more. Get in touch with us today for your free no-obligation quote and find out how easy it can be to design the perfect home extensions for your property.

Our know-how and experience in this area mean we can guide you from start to finish, from helping you to create the optimal flow and design for your new extensions to assisting with product and material queries to give your finish that extra special touch.

Whatever your home build requirements are, we can provide you with a solution that exceeds all of your expectations.

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