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Converting a garage out of use is a great way to free up more space in your home. We’ve seen countless garages in Essex used as storage for ‘junk’. However, we see the potential in your home, and a garage conversion can free up more space.

At Anigmar Solutions, we can offer garage conversions in Essex, turning a disused, lifeless space into a new part of your home. Whether it be for an extra bedroom, home office or gym. Utilising an old garage is an ideal way to make your home feel larger and give you extra room.

If you think your home could benefit from a garage conversion, give Anigmar a call. We can quote you for a garage conversion in Essex, and free up some space in your home.


Garage Conversion Essex

In the pursuit of extra space, a garage conversion is a viable choice that ticks the boxes when it comes to ease of installation, cost-effectiveness and versatility.

Many people in Essex who are looking to get the most from their property consider options like adding a garage conversion or a loft conversion. It enables them to easily visualise how a current space can be transformed rather than building something entirely new.

Turning the storage space of your garage into a usable room in the home can even add to the value of your home in Essex by up to 10%.

Garage conversions, owing to their existing footprint and relatively simple build, are extension projects that are usually classed as permitted developments. This means that current building regulations allow for them to be built without the need for planning permission. Exceptions will arise, but most garage conversions require only minor structural changes and so can be completed without the need for approval from your local authority.

Anigmar Solutions – your number one choice for garage conversions Essex

Anigmar solutions provide all of our customers with professional building services at affordable prices. We’re a hardworking team of honest and reliable specialists who have been at the forefront of the construction industry in Essex for over 50 years.

Our expert team are highly proficient in all that we offer, especially Essex garage conversions. We take great pleasure in our ability to convert your garage from a messy dumping ground to a pleasant, functional and wholly enjoyable living space or room.

When you call on Anigmar Solutions to carry out your garage conversion, you can be sure of friendly and attentive service, the very best materials, and a vast wealth of knowledge. These elements of who we are, combine to give our customers total satisfaction and peace of mind.

A free quotation is available to all who enquire with us, and our team of garage conversion specialists are more than happy to help you with your questions and requirements.

Our garage conversion process

The Anigmar way isn’t to simply turn up and do the job; we like to support our customers through the various stages of the entire project. We have 5 step process designed to make the whole converting process as stress-free and easy as possible.


When you contact our builders with your converted garage request, we’ll get a few details from you to fully understand your needs, the layout of your property and what you’re planning to do with your existing garage space.

We can even suggest improvements or ideas you may not have thought of, such as turning the newly converted garage into a gym or even a bar!


Once we know a little more about your garage conversion, we’ll have enough information to give you a free quote and a clear idea of the expected cost. You can guarantee that our professional service doesn’t include any hidden charges or inflated costs. The price we give on our free quotes is the exact price that our customers pay for their garage conversion. Additionally, if you are working to a budget, we can help ensure that you stay within it.

Planning & Design

We’ve done so many garage conversions in Essex that there’s no design or style that we’re unfamiliar with. We can work to a bespoke design of your own or suggest building ideas that enable you to get the most out of your garage, tailoring the layout for maximum extra living space.

If you’re unsure whether or not you will need planning permission for your garage conversion project, we can confidently advise based on what we’ve seen before and even help you submit an application.

Once you’re happy with what we’ve put together and we’ve received all relevant permissions. We’ll then get to work on converting your garage.


On every job we undertake, our team of renowned builders operate in a professional manner and convert your garage with the highest-quality tools and materials. We consider the individual aspects of your house and garage as we know that every garage conversion is different.

We’re clean, efficient and aim to cause you minimal disruption whilst we complete your garage conversion.

Anigmar do not believe that speed should come at the cost of quality, and we’re proud to say that our highly-skilled builders have perfected the art of balancing the two across all of our building services.


Our commitment to you doesn’t stop once the project is completed. Even after we’ve finished your garage conversion, our team are on hand to ensure that it continues to delight and serve you.

You can contact us anytime if you have any questions about your recently completed garage conversion.

Single Garage conversions Essex

What is a single garage conversion?

A single garage conversion can be carried out on a detached garage or those that make up part of the structure of your building.

They do away with the garage door, use all of the existing space, and turn the room into something totally new.

Do I need planning permission?

A standard garage conversion is generally classed as a permitted development, meaning that planning permission is not needed to adapt the building and change the room’s function.

This won’t always be the case, so it’s worth looking into, and you can always contact us for some guidance.

Garage conversion in Essex

Double Garage Conversion Essex

What is a double garage conversion?

A double garage conversion is the same as a single garage conversion in most respects but has the advantage of being double the size and increasing your available room by a significant amount.

With this extra space, you can decide whether you want to use both parts for the same function or split them in two.

The double garage conversion process is a bit more labour intensive to complete and so will often come with an increased cost.

Will I need planning permission?

As with single garage conversions, it’s not common for a double garage conversion to require planning permission. That being said, due to the larger size of the building and especially if you’re having a detached garage conversion, it could be that the scope of the works will need sign off.

Once again, get in touch with our team to get some clarity around exactly what is needed.

Garage conversion Essex

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We have a wealth of experience to call upon when it comes to repurposing garages, so you can be sure that when you contact us to help with your job, you’ll be speaking to one of the longest-serving garage converting companies in Essex.

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