House Extensions Billericay

House Extensions Billericay

A house extension is an increasingly popular way of increasing the amount of living space in your home, also adding value to your property.

Do you want to make the most of your home? An extension on your property can give you more space to appreciate. The addition of more living space can provide you with endless opportunities for your home. At Anigmar Solutions, we deliver the best service for house extensions!

Should you extend your property?

People may choose to have an extension for many reasons. After previous lockdowns, many people have had to work from home and have come to the realisation that they do not have an appropriate space to do so. An extension on your home can provide you with extra space to create an office. A home extension can also give you an extra room if you are planning to extend your family. Instead of having to fork out large amounts of money to move house, a house extension can give you that extra space without the expense.
Extra living space can be used for but are not limited to:

  • Games room.
  • Gym.
  • Bar/pub.
  • A larger kitchen area.
  • Conservatory.

Extending your property can enable you to transform your property into your dream home. You can tailor the design of your extension to your needs. We can construct every part of your extension bespoke to your requirements. An extension on your property can save you both money and time. The money and time you do spend on your home extension are definitely worth the wait.

We can build your extension in Billericay!

Anigmar Solutions are specialists in building extensions. We can offer you the help of experienced and knowledgeable builders. We understand the importance of working with reliable builders and receiving effective service for your home extension. With us, there is no need to worry as our company has a proven track record of happy clients. Not only this, we can provide you with advice and guidance in your house extension before any planning, building or payments go ahead.

As well as the practical things, we can help you with other parts of the project. For example, we can help with planning your extension and provide you with any advice or guidance that you may require.

We can offer you FREE quotes and accurate cost estimates for your house extension! Give us a call today to find out more.

Building an extension? What you need to know!

It is important to know how long to expect the extension to take. A smaller extension will most likely take around 3-4 months and a substantial extension can take around 6 months or more. When building an extension, it is also important that you are aware of the different types, so that you can choose what extension you believe is best for your property.

House Extensions Billericay
House Extensions Billericay
House Extensions Billericay
House Extensions Billericay

Types of house Extensions

Single storey Extension

There are different types of single-storey extensions that Anigmar Solutions can offer you. There are three main ones: side return extensions, rear extensions and wraparound extensions.

Wraparound Extensions

A wraparound extension is the combination of the extension types listed above. This type of extension has the ability to seriously change the size of your property. Wraparound extensions are the largest extensions of single-storey extensions.

Side return Extension:

A side return extension is when your property is knocked through to the alleyway, down the side of the property. This area is not usually used, so extending your property to the side can enable this space to become useful. Although this may only be an extension of a few feet, it can dramatically change the appearance and size of your home. This extension usually has a large effect on the kitchen.

Rear Extensions:

This type of extension is especially popular. It is extended towards the rear of your home. A rear extension usually has the biggest impact on the kitchen. It has the ability to transform a small food prep area into a spacious, open plan kitchen, perfect for a larger family. A rear extension will look different depending on the type of property you wish to extend. For example, this type of extension on terraced houses will look more narrow and long, compared to wider properties.

Double-storey Extensions:

A double-storey extension is an addition of space on both floors of a two-storey property. We can advise you that this type of extension can provide you with twice the amount of space as other types of extensions. A double-storey extension can significantly change the size and shape of a property. This type of extension is carried out when you wish to have more than one extra room for living space.

People may wish to have a double-storey extension if they would like an extra bedroom upstairs and a larger living room or kitchen downstairs. Double-storey extensions can be added to your property wherever possible; to the side of the property or the rear.

Considering the substantial amount of space that a two-storey extension can provide you with, the cost is not too high. Our experienced and knowledgeable builders can ensure that your new living space is built quickly and efficiently at an affordable price.

House Extensions Billericay

Side return Extensions

A side return extension is a type of single-storey extension that involves extending the side of the property by a few feet, allowing the use of the extra space down the side of the property. This type of extension usually extends the sizer of the kitchen, transforming it from a small kitchen to a larger open plan kitchen area. This extension is perfect if you are looking to spend as little money as possible but wish to add value to your property by enlarging it slightly.

Conservatory or kitchen Extensions:

A conservatory is an extension on your property where the walls and roof are made from glass, surrounding you with a wonderful view of your back garden. This type of extension is the best option for people who have a particularly darker home and want to invite more light into their home. A conservatory extension can transform a house from a dull and dark place to a bright, stunning home. A conservatory can have several uses. It can be used as a dining area, a games room or just a general relaxation area.

A kitchen extension is a way of adding extra space to your kitchen that can be used for a dining area or an extra food prep area. This is a popular way for improving and expanding your home as nobody likes a tiny kitchen! A kitchen extension can be beneficial as it can provide the opportunity to add an island in your kitchen or extra counters for more space. This could be the perfect extension for you, especially if you love to cook!

Building regulations for property extensions

Planning permission

If your extension is built within your permitted development rights, you will not need planning permission for a house extension. However, you will require planning permission if:

  • The materials you use are not similar to the materials you already have for your home.
  • More than half of the land around the house is going to be used for the extension.
  • If the extension is higher than the highest point of the building.
  • The extension is front, side or forward of the house that faces onto a motorway.
  • Balconies, verandas, or raised platforms are added.
  • The height of the eaves and ridges are higher than the house.
  • The height of eaves is higher than 3 metres if they’re within 2 metres of the boundary.
  • The side extension is more than 4 metres or a single-storey.
  • The side extension is wider than half the width of the house before it is extended.

House Extensions Billericay

Extension design and planning

At Anigmar Solutions, we can help you with designing and planning your extension as well as providing you with qualified and experienced builders for the construction of your extension. We can design and plan your extension, customized to your preferences. Our team can calculate and draw up your designs, attempting to design the extension fit to the measurements you require. We can help fit the extension plans to the style and layout that you need.

House extension process

Anigmar Solutions specialist teams can help to construct your project and leave you as another satisfied customer. We can provide you with a principal contractor who has the responsibility of constructing the entirety of your extension. A principal contractor can get in contact with the builders needed to work on the extension and will work on the project daily themselves. It will be part of their job to visit you and the property to ensure everything is going swimmingly. Any questions or queries you may have about your extension, the principal contractor can answer.

Anigmar Solutions will also provide you with a building control inspector. It will be their responsibility to visit the property whilst the extension is being carried out to ensure that all work being completed fits Building Control Regulations.

Stages of work

The preliminary stage

This step is carried out after we have spoken with you and you have received your FREE quote. This step includes:

  • Extension plans and designs are shared with you.
  • An architect can be offered to visit your home.
  • Extension plan drawings are submitted, if you are satisfied with them.
  • We have the opportunity to receive approval from Planning & Building Control.

Construction stage

This stage is carried out when you are happy for our team to start building your home extension. This stage includes:

  • Designing and constructing the foundation for your house extension & laying them down.
  • All walls are constructed, including insulation.
  • The roof is built.
  • Windows and doors that are required are added.
  • Plumbing, electrics & telephone wires are fixed if required.
  • Walls built & plastered.
  • If required, heating is installed.
  • All carpentry is carried out, including skirting boards.
  • Complete decoration of the extension.
  • The construction site is cleared when completed.

House Extensions Billericay

House extension specialists in Billericay

Anigmar Solutions is a specialist company in building home extensions and can assist you with your house extension needs. If you are looking for a trustworthy company to work with to carry out your extension, give us a call! We can provide you with a FREE quote and any more information you may require.

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