House Extensions Chelmsford

House Extensions Chelmsford

If you want more space but can’t afford a new house then it’s worth considering a house extension.

They are versatile and cost-effective and give you that much needed extra space without breaking the bank.

Read on to find out more.

What can I use a home extension for?

A key reason that people choose a home extension in Chelmsford is because of the wide range of usability options that you can get from the new space.

If your home doesn’t have enough rooms to accommodate a growing family, a new extension can provide up to two more bedrooms. Straight away, this will increase the space and also potentially the value of your property. If a growing family isn’t a problem for you, then the space can be used as a home office instead — an ever-growing requirement in these times of remote working.

A home extension can be adapted into

  • Home gym
  • Games room
  • Kitchen extension
  • Conservatory

For many people, extending their home is the perfect solution when they love where they live but would just like a little more room for one reason or another. Not to mention, it’s less hassle and cheaper than moving house.

house extensions chelmsford
House Extensions Chelmsford

Anigmar Solutions – home extension professionals in Chelmsford

Anigmar Solutions are accredited home extension specialists in Chelmsford who have a reputation for excellence and an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

We don’t only construct the extension but also provide a design service. Our team can cover the electrical and plumbing requirements for our clients too.

We can help you with much more of the project beyond just the practical side, such as planning your extension and providing you with the guidance or advice that you might need.

To give you a truly bespoke service, we consider every aspect of your personal requirements and extension needs.

For a complete, all-in-one home extension solution, Anigmar Solutions have a roster of highly-trained professionals available to our customers.

We use only the most dependable materials and tools to ensure that every extension is aesthetically pleasing and built to endure.

Get in touch today to find out more and get a free quote or advice for house extensions.

Different types of house extensions

Single storey Extensions Chelmsford

We build both single-storey and double-storey extensions to meet the requirements of our customers. Single-storey extensions usually fall into one of three styles: side return extensions, rear extensions and wraparound extensions.

Side return extensions Chelmsford

A side return extension extends the property from the side, normally into an unused alleyway or walkway. Commonly used to extend a current kitchen

Rear extensions Chelmsford

Quite likely the most commonly built type of extension. A rear extension offers you either a new room or extends the current space to give you more freedom and choice. This is done by extending out into the garden or space behind

Wraparound extensions Chelmsford

These are the grandest possible single-storey extensions and will hugely increase the base of your home.

Their design merges both the rear extension and the side return extension to achieve this.

Double-storey Extensions Chelmsford

You can build a double storey extension in exactly the same way as their single-storey counterparts (side return, rear or wraparound) however you get two new rooms instead of one. Double storey is perfect if you want to add one bedroom on the top floor and a different room on the ground floor such as an office, study or bathroom.

You can expect a vast increase in the size of your property when building a double-storey extension but they are more complex in the build and design. With this, comes an increase in the likelihood that you’ll need to seek planning permission first.

Property extension building company in Chelmsford

Conservatories and Orangeries Chelmsford

Conservatories remain popular as they give you a visually stunning, extremely versatile structure that draws on the natural elements to provide you with an exclusive space for relaxing, hosting and much more. You get a fantastic view of your back garden as conservatories are generally constructed of glass which incorporate PVC and brickwork.

You get a lot of extra living space for a relatively low price, which is a key reason most people invest in a conservatory for their home in Chelmsford.

Aside from being cost-effective, conservatories are usually less legally-complex than other types of extension. You get a unique design and unlimited potential for usage. Your conservatory can be a study, a place to run a home business or an extra dining room.

We build and design all of the most popular conservatory styles, matching your conservatory to your home, budget and personal taste.

Conservatories we often build:

  • Orangeries
  • Bespoke conservatories
  • Gable End conservatories
  • P Shape conservatories
  • Lean To conservatories
  • Edwardian conservatories
  • Victorian conservatories
Chelmsford home extensions
House extensions for client in Chelmsford
rear extensions in Chelmsford
property extensions Chelmsford

House extension specialists in Chelmsford

Anigmar Solutions are reliable experts who have a reputation for creating outstanding house extensions in Chelmsford.

Everything we do is driven by our customer happiness guarantee. We work diligently to ensure that our client’s every need is satisfied that their vision is turned into a reality.

All of our work is honestly priced and we’re proud knowing that we give customers the very best value for their money.

Every member of our team is passionate and fully qualified about what they do. We believe this combination gives our customers total peace of mind that their extensions are being constructed by motivated professionals.

To get your home extension underway, contact our courteous team today to get your free quote and access to our industry-leading advice and knowledge.

Extensions in Chelmsford

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How long will my extension take to build?

In most cases, a small home extension is around 3-4 months of work and a larger extension could be 6 months or more. Bear in mind that this will depend on how complex the build is, if you have special requirements and the time it may take to get the needed building permissions.

Do I need planning permission?

There’s a chance that your extension will be classed as permitted development, otherwise you’ll need to seek and obtain planning permission before we can get started.

This is the criteria that governs whether or not you’ll need planning permission for your home extension:

  • The side extension is wider than half the width of the house (before it is extended)
  • Your side extension is exceeds 4 metres in height
  • The height of the eaves is more than 3 metres, when they are within 2 metres of the boundary
  • You add a veranda, balcony or raised platform
  • The planned extension will exceed the highest point of the building it is attached to
  • You use more than half of the land which surrounds your house for your extension
  • The materials you use are vastly different from those that are present on the rest of your house.

These are the key points, however, there are some other considerations too. If you’re in any doubt, don’t hesitate to contact Anigmar Solutions to gain some clarity. We’ve been building extensions for many years and can assist you with our expansive and broad knowledge on the subject.

Additionally, we can support you with the planning permission approval process and submit your form for you to save an unnecessary headache and further complications.

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