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A loft conversion allows you to make the most of the underused space in your home while also providing you and your family with some much-needed additional living space. A loft conversion can provide you with extra space and transform the way you use your house, whether you need an extra bedroom, a new master suite, or just some separate living area.

Converting a loft is one of the most popular investments among homeowners, due to the fact that it can considerably increase the value of a property. Loft conversions are a great way to maximise your return on investment. If you’re looking for a loft conversion in Chelmsford, you’ve come to the right place.

We design and build totally bespoke loft conversions to your specifications, based on over 50 years of experience. You want outstanding quality, as well as good value for money and a quick turnaround time, and we’ve got you covered. Begin your loft conversion with us right now. Here at Anigmar Solutions, we take pride in providing our clients with the room they require with the least amount of disruption.

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Anigmar Solutions has designed and built many loft conversions. We transform them into stunning homes. Many Chelmsford residents need to have more space but cannot afford to move. Others want to design a home that is genuinely their own.

Our goal is to make your loft conversion as stress-free as possible. We supervise the entire design and build process. Planning, structural calculations, architectural drawings, and construction are all included. We will assign you a professional
Project Manager who will oversee the project and be available to you at all times.

We outperform our competitors by making your loft conversion simple, stress-free, and pleasurable. A loft conversion may be the answer if you are short on space and need extra. A loft conversion can add up to 25% to the value of your home,
making it a wise investment in the long run. Improve your home’s space and functionality without moving.

Loft conversions Chelmsford

Services included in a loft conversion with Anigmar Solutions;

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Roofing
  • Carpentry
  • Painting & Decorating
  • Bathroom fitting
  • Tiling
  • Floor laying
  • Window fitting (double glazing, Velux etc.)
  • And more

When looking for Loft Conversions Chelmsford look no further than Anigmar they deliver within strict timescales, are extremely knowledgeable, can provide expert advice, and always adhere to the highest standards. Contact us today.

Types of loft conversions

Virtually every loft conversion is distinctive in its way. The staff at Anigmar have worked on a wide variety of various properties and partnered with a diverse assortment of clients, who all have their particular demands and needs. Our devoted staff
works carefully to ensure every one of our clients receives exactly the loft conversion they desire.

Looking to maximise the natural light? We have installed innumerable skylights and balconies. Bathroom always occupied? We regularly fit stunning bathroom suites as well as modern wetrooms, all nicely integrated into the design. We have had clients
who needed custom constructed built-in-storage, electrical work, and lighting. There is a selection of different loft conversions to pick from such as Velux/skylight loft conversions, dormer loft conversions, mansard loft conversions, and hip
to gable loft conversions.

Dormer Loft Conversions

One of the most common loft conversion types.

Dormers come in a variety of styles:

  • Gable fronted dormer (dog house dormer)
  • Hipped roof dormer
  • Flat roof dormer
  • Shed dormer

This solution is best for tiny loft conversions with a restricted amount of room. It provides more headroom for the new room(s) as well as more space for the loft conversion stairs. If you want to add an extra bathroom, the Dormer’s increased
height makes it easier to install bathroom fixtures.

The cost of a Dormer Loft Conversion is determined by the size and type of conversion you require; contact us today for a free quote.

Velux Loft Conversions

Velux has been making roof windows for almost 60 years. This type of modification is usually very cost-effective and does not require planning clearance.

This means that the existing roof structure is not affected. This method helps keep expenses down by not requiring substantial modifications. Plans are not necessary if the loft does not extend above the original roofline, however, you
do need to check local planning permission before work can begin.

A Velux loft conversion is ideal for lofts with plenty of headroom, or where planning restrictions apply, such as in a conservation district. If headroom is limited, a dormer or mansard conversion may be better. Velux roof-lights can be
fitted fast and easily, reducing interruption and delays.

Mansard Loft Conversions

A mansard roof, named after a 17th-century French architect, is a popular choice for loft conversions in London, Chelmsford, and the home counties. It has two slopes are opposite angles, one steeper than the other, and a nearly level surface
at its crest.

For a mansard loft conversion, the side party/gable walls are raised to produce the profile for the mansard before building the timber frame.

Mansard loft conversions are common in London, mainly in older homes.

Hip to Gable Loft Conversions

Loft extensions are popular with detached and semi-detached homeowners. The existing sloped roof is replaced by a vertical wall (gable) that reaches the same height as the roof peak. Houses with two sloping sides can have double hip-to-gable
loft conversions. Hip-to-gable is an affordable loft conversion solution.

While modular Hip-to-Gable loft conversions use steel frames, they are often made with wood. Brick slip cladding can be easily fitted to match the existing brickwork. While they usually come under permitted development, which does not
require planning approval, it is best to check with your local authorities before commencing any loft conversion design ideas.

Bungalow loft conversion

Create Room specialise in all types of loft conversions in Chelmsford, including bungalow loft conversions. Converting your attic into a bungalow can quadruple your living space and offer extra bathrooms if you build a loft conversion
with an ensuite. Create Room can help you expand your living space by converting your bungalow loft.

We can bring your loft conversion ideas to life

For your intended loft conversion, the staff at Anigmar can create detailed functional drawings and structural calculations.

When designing your ideas, we will demonstrate our expertise. They will be designed to give you the most space possible while remaining respectful of the existing property. We’ll think about all of the necessary approvals and incorporate
them into the design of your loft.

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Loft conversion frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Do you need planning permission for a loft conversion?

Most loft conversions are deemed allowed development, which means you won’t need planning permission as long as the construction meets specific requirements. So, if you’re looking for a basic conversion with roof windows, you shouldn’t be
concerned (though it’s always a good idea to double-check). However, if your ideas surpass specific limits and criteria, such as extending or altering the roof area beyond its current boundaries, you will need to get planning approval.

Whether your loft conversion is under allowed development or not, you’ll have to adhere to strict building rules to ensure that the work is done safely.

How much is a loft conversion?

The cost of a loft conversion in Chelmsford is defined by the type of conversion you choose, the inside specification, and whether you need planning permission. Because each of our loft conversion packages at Anigmar is tailored to the specific
needs of each project, the only way to know for sure how much your project will cost is to request a free estimate today.

How much value does a loft conversion add to your home?

According to Ideal Home, a well-built and precisely fitted loft conversion can add 10–20% to the value of your home. In some cases, you may even find that you achieve a 25% rise. But where do you even begin? It may be a daunting procedure,
especially for those of us who have never dealt with significant construction projects before.

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