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Conservatories are an ideal way to extend your home and make the most of the sun. Not only do they look stylish, but they are excellent at trapping in heat and maximising available light. The relaxing atmosphere of a new conservatory makes them suitable for dining areas, lounges and guest rooms. If you are looking to extend your home and enrich your lifestyle, a new conservatory is your answer.

Choose Anigmar Solutions for Your Conservatory in Essex

At Anigmar solutions, we will find the right conservatory solution for you. Years of service across Essex makes us the premier choice when it comes to bespoke conservatory installation. Our teams of specialists will dedicate their time to you and accommodate all your needs. We will listen to precisely what you want, and we will guide you through every step of the decision process. This includes design, planning, building and decorating.
Whatever you decide for your new conservatory, we will craft your dream extension to your exact specification. Our experienced professional staff will constantly update you throughout the process, and we guarantee accurate cost estimates.
In addition, all of our prices are incredibly competitive throughout Essex, and we always offer FREE quotes on all of our products.

Conservatory Services that we provide in Essex;

  • Lean-to conservatories
  • Conservatory installation
  • Garden conservatories
  • Conservatory refurbishment
  • Conservatory maintenance
  • Bespoke conservatories
  • uPVC conservatives
  • Conservatory repairs

Types of Conservatories

Our fully qualified, dedicated and professional team will guide you through your conservatory installation, maintenance or refurbishment process, no matter the type.

Victorian Conservatories

The Victorian conservatory is by far the most common and requested type available. This is primarily because the traditional style is adaptable and suits almost any kind of house, from older historical types to contemporary new builds. The style usually extends as an additional bay with 5 sides as well as the original attachment wall.

Typically, a Victorian conservatory consists of a full-surround quarter wall upon which wall to ceiling height windows are placed. The structure is topped with a steep-pitched, glass roof held in place by struts placed at each angle. Ornate roof detailing will usually finish off the piece, and different window styles are available to choose from.

Edwardian Conservatories

Edwardian conservatories aren’t as ornate as Victorian, but they are no less compelling. The Edwardian style chooses substance over style as they are typically straightforward extensions of 3 walls attached to an existing wall from which they extend. However, they do include some of the same detailing as the Victorian style.

The Edwardian style makes a striking impression since quarter walls and ceiling height windows accompany large double doors. Because of the simple plan, an Edwardian conservatory can be large and is designed to extrude into an area or along an existing wall to add light and space. The style is commonly used to extend back kitchen areas.

Lean-To Conservatories

Similar to the Edwardian style, lean-to conservatories facilitate more function rather than focus on aesthetics. That said, they are still attractive and look great as a front porch or back yard extension. Also, a lean-to conservatory’s aesthetic appeal is much less ornate than Victorian or Edwardian styles with varying wall to window installations.

A simple 3 wall conservatory, a lean-to can accommodate varying styles. The most striking of which includes full-sized floor to ceiling windows all the way around. However, the design allows for other types similar to Edwardian or front-facing windows with full walls on either side, which is very effective as a room extension. This makes it a popular contemporary choice.

Gable-End Conservatories

One of the most attractive styles available, a gable-end conservatory makes a stunning impression on anyone. This style is a lovely blend of Edwardian, lean-to and Victorian. However, the roofing consists of a simple gable structure associated with traditional house design. Although the form is simple in design, the gable makes a considerable difference to the aesthetic appeal.

Additionally, the extra space provided by the triangular roof space makes a gable-end conservatory feel much more spacious than other types. Therefore, it is typical for the outer facing triangle of a conservatory gable to be decorated in various styles such as sun patterns, spokes and simple cross lines.

Bespoke Conservatories

The pinnacle of conservatory design, a bespoke conservatory, allows you to design your dream extension. The beauty of a bespoke conservatory is that it will enable you to blend multiple styles, shapes and sizes for something truly unique to your home. For example, you could extrude a gable-end walkway that connects to a larger Victorian conservatory.

Bespoke conservatories are available for homes, but they are typically built with a specific use in mind, such as wedding receptions and events. Because of the different designs and planning, bespoke conservatories will usually cost more. However, Anigmar will always be open and honest about all pricing. In addition, our professional designers will work with you to develop your very own bespoke and unique conservatory.


More of an extension than a conservatory, an orangery is no less stylish. A conservatory is typically a brick-based structure that supports large glass windows and a glass roof. An orangery is a solid brick structure. It contains windows and a glass lantern placed on the top for sourcing sunlight. In essence, an orangery acts more like an extra, four-walled room.

Because of their more solid design, orangeries retain more heat than conservatories. This makes them suitable for almost any type of room at any time of year. However, there is usually more building work involved, such as foundations and insulation. This makes them a little more expensive than traditional conservatories.

P Shape

If you want to make a lasting impression, improve space and light and add value to your home, then a P-shape conservatory is the right choice. These stylish extensions make additional space by combining a standard lean-to conservatory with a Victorian. This will open up one wall for 2 to become 1. However, adjoining doors can be placed to make 2 separate rooms.

The complexity and size of a P-shaped conservatory mean they are more suited to larger homes. The aesthetics of the plan will also add some style to a flat backed house as an eye-pleasing, asymmetrical shape.

Conservatory Prices in Essex – How Much do they Cost?

There is no fixed price for conservatory projects. Many factors affect the cost, such as size, shape, style, extra features, and job complexity. In addition, window thickness requested materials and additional work such as decorating can add expenses to the final project. Anigmar will always work with you to your specification. Our team can design a project around your specific budget constraints. All estimates and pricing are fair, accurate and competitive.

We have years of experience as one of the best conservatory experts in Essex. Because of this, we can offer a 5-star service on a budget to suit everyone. Throughout the planning and design processes, we will accurately guide you through your available options to keep your project within budget, with no hidden expenses or fees.

Essex Conservatory Experts

Anigmar Solutions is the number one conservatory experts team in Essex. Years of experience across Essex makes us the best choice for conservatory installation. Our highly skilled team is here to guide you through the design, planning and building of any conservatory you need.

In addition, we offer complete and comprehensive solutions across multiple services, including:

  • Conservatory refurbishment
  • Conservatory repairs
  • Conservatory maintenance

All of our conservatory packages include popular and bespoke choices. Some of the most popular include:

  • Victorian
  • Edwardian
  • Gable-end

Additionally, we can build a bespoke conservatory to meet any of your specific requirements, from smaller personal projects to large-scale purpose-built structures for weddings and events.

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