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At Anigmar Solutions, we provide conservatory design and installation services in Thurrock and surrounding areas of Essex. Our qualified and fully trained professionals are here to offer you top-quality conservatories for your property in Essex. No matter
the size or scope of your requirements, our services will always attempt to meet your needs as best as possible.

UPVC conservatories Thurrock

At Anigmar solutions, we offer only the best, high-quality materials possible, which is why we use UPVC conservatories. UPVC conservatories are created with the toughest, self-cleaning glass polycarbonate roofing panels. Anigmar Solutions provide a wide
range of services for UPVC conservatories in Thurrock, including installation, maintenance and refurbishment on all types of conservatories.

Conservatory installation

Our team will take care of the entire process for you including planning and designing your conservatory, bespoke to your requirements. With Anigmar Solutions, you don’t have to worry about a thing as our team is here to take care of all of it for you.
The services we will carry out during the installation process include:

  • Designing & planning.
  • Building.
  • Installation of windows & roofs.

We understand the difficulty of finding a company that will complete the entire process bespoke to your needs, but there is no need to worry as our team at Anigmar Solutions are happy to help out with as much as possible! For more information on our conservatory
installation services in Essex, get in contact with us today!

Conservatory refurbishment

Our team at Anigmer Solutions can carry out refurbishment services for conservatories in Thurrock and Essex. There are various services we carry out for refurbishment, depending on your requirements, including:

  • Painting.
  • Decorating.
  • Plastering.
  • Flooring.

We will not leave your conservatory looking messy and undecorated as we want you to enjoy your new space straight away! Avoid the fuss by using Anigmar Solutions for your UPVC conservatory refurbishment as well as UPVC conservatory installation.
For more information on the conservatory refurbishment services that we provide in Essex, get in contact with us today!

Conservatory repairs & maintenance

There are various reasons why a conservatory may need repairing or maintenance. Your conservatory may have faced serious damage or it just needs a bit of upkeep. Factors that may result in your conservatory needing to be repaired or maintained include:

  • The glass is damaged.
  • Your conservatory is no longer thermally efficient.
  • The sealant has separated.
  • It needs a good clean.
  • Condensation needs controlling.
  • Build up of algae and dirt.

We can provide you with a variety of repairing and maintenance services to help solve any issues you may have. Our repair and maintenance services consist of:

  • Cleaning (glass & roof panels).
  • Emergency locks & glass repair or replacement.
  • Replacement of broken or cracked panels.
  • General maintenance.

For more information on the conservatory repairs and maintenance services that we provide, give us a call today!

We are conservatory specialists

At Anigmar Solutions, we have a professional team that specialise in conservatories and are prepared to carry out a range of services for conservatories across Essex, including Thurrock. We carry out installation, refurbishment and repair & maintenance
services for conservatories across the county. For more information on the services we provide and for a FREE quote, give us a call today! We can offer you accurate cost estimates and reliable service.

Conservatory Roofs Essex

Types of conservatories

Anigmar Solutions construct a variety of different types of conservatories in Thurrock. All conservatories have different benefits and will suit different types of properties. The types of bespoke conservatories we build include:

Edwardian Conservatories

Edwardian conservatories are also a very popular conservatory type. This style of conservatory consists of more ornamentations and lines than Victorian conservatories do. Edwardian conservatories are a symmetrical shape, so allow as much floor space as
possible. There are 3 main styles of this conservatory type:

  • Full-height bottom-panel model.
  • Dwarf-wall model.
  • Full-height model.

You can choose what design you think is best suited to your needs. We can then provide you with the refurbishment to enable this style to match your home a lot better.

Gable-end Conservatories

Gable-end conservatories are a type of conservatory that has a high-vaulted roof. The roof meets in the middle, like the shape of a house. These conservatories are particularly large in size, so therefore better suited to larger properties. If you are
looking for a considerable amount of extra space, this is the best option for you! Gable-end conservatories come in 3 different styles:

  • Dwarf wall conservatory.
  • T-shape conservatory.
  • P-shape conservatory.

At Anigmar Solutions, we can help you to choose the best-suited type of Gable-end conservatory for your property. Whatever style you choose, we will be there to support you throughout the entire process.

Lean-to Conservatories

Lean-to conservatories have a more minimalist and modern look and effectively let the sunlight into your property. This type of conservatory is popular with smaller homes as they can be used to extend smaller spaces. Lean-to conservatories are an inexpensive
option of a conservatory as they are generally used for smaller properties, meaning fewer materials are used. This makes them a lot more affordable. Lean-to conservatories come in various sizes, however only come in one style. They
are built with a slanted roof so that rain runs right off of them instead of building up on the roof.

Bespoke Conservatories

At Anigmar Solutions, we allow you to have complete choice over how you would like your conservatory to look, instead of choosing from the options listed. Instead of having to find a specific style of conservatory that suits your home, you can design
and plan exactly how you would like your new space to look, with help from our professionals. Our bespoke conservatories are designed individually to meet your exact needs. We can create large, small and abnormally shaped conservatories
to fit the layout of your home and provide you with as much space as possible. Our team will then refurbish this for you.

P shape

A P shaped conservatory offers a substantial amount of extra space and can fit two rooms under one roof! This type of conservatory can be changed to fit any type of property. Anigmar Solutions can design a P shaped conservatory bespoke to your requirements
so that can suit your type of property. P shaped conservatories are available in Gable-end, Victorian and Edwardian styles. P shaped conservatories are a larger option out of the types of conservatories available. However, we can have
discussions with you about how we can design your conservatory to match the size and shape of your property.


An orangery is a building, similar to a conservatory, however, the structure of the building is made of brick and contains large windows. There are two styles for the roof of an orangery: a tiled roof or a flat roof. Orangeries are the perfect option
for people who are willing to spend a bit more for an extension that matches the rest of their home. They satisfyingly fit the rest of your property, whereas ordinary conservatories can look out of place on some houses. Orangeries
are certainly more aesthetically pleasing than conservatories as they are more brickwork than glass. They can provide your home with a unique-looking addition.

Victorian conservatories

Victorian Conservatories are one increasingly popular type of conservatory, for various reasons. A Victorian Conservatory consists of a steeply pitched roof, a bayfront and Victorian-styled finials and cresting. These types of conservatories are timeless,
are built to last a long time and withstand daily home life.
Victorian Conservatories can come in a lot of different styles. These styles include:

  • Hipped-back 3-facet Victorian T shape.
  • 3-facet Victorian T shape.
  • Hipped-back 3-facet Victorian P shape.
  • 3-facet Victorian P shape.
  • Hipped-back 3-facet Victorian.
  • 3-facet Victorian.

These designs are also available in 5-facet. Victorian Conservatories can provide any property with a Victorian look.

Conservatory prices in Thurrock. How much do they cost?

The cost of a conservatory varies from project to project. If you decide to have a bespoke conservatory, the cost may be higher as they can generally be more complicated than our other types of conservatories. Many factors will impact the cost of your
conservatory. Factors that will impact the cost include:

  • The type of conservatory – different types of conservatories varies in size and shape.
  • Window glazing thickness.
  • The size of the conservatory.
  • Labour requirements.
  • Project deadline requirements – our team may have to work longer to meet your requirements, resulting in the chance of the cost being higher.
  • Budget constraints.
  • Materials used.
  • Decoration services – if you require us to decorate your conservatory, the cost may be higher.

Our professionals at Anigmar Solutions have years of experience in delivering all types of conservatory services in Thurrock and surrounding areas. We can deal with all projects, no matter how complicated you think yours may be. We are here to offer you
advice and guidance whilst planning your extension and provide you with accurate estimates to make sure you keep within your budget. Give us a call today to discuss the cost of your conservatory.

conservatory roof

Thurrock conservatory experts

Anigmar Solutions can provide you with many conservatory services. Whether you need your conservatory refurbished, installed, repaired or maintained, our knowledgeable specialists and experts are here to help! At Anigmar Solutions, we have a track record
of happy clients and outstanding work. If you are interested in the services that we provide, we recommend that you give us a call for a FREE quote and more information about us! You can rely on us to provide you with the best service in Thurrock.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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