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Stable Door Installation & Repairs in Essex

Stable doors are a great addition to your home. It can lend a rustic feel to your urban home. Anigmar can provide stable doors for your Essex home.

Stable doors have two panels, stacked on top of each other. Both can be locked and unlocked, opened and closed independently or together. If you fancy letting fresh air in but don’t want your toddler or dog running outside, the top panel can be opened. If you want to let the dog out in the garden in winter, you can open the bottom panel solely. It’s a great, functional feature. Stable patio doors are safe and secure – as standard with Anigmar’s service and values.

To discuss fitting a stable door to your home, call the Anigmar team. We can provide you with a functional, stylish alternative to a single back door. One that is both secure and convenient. Call us, today.

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