Double Glazing Brentwood

Energy prices are on the rise and so it’s worth thinking about changes you can make to your home that will keep it warm but won’t cost you too much.

One investment that will pay off when considering home improvements is making sure you have double glazing in as many of your windows and composite doors as possible.

At Anigmar Solutions, we’re a renowned double glazing company, experienced in the installation of new uPVC windows and composite doors in residential and commercial buildings across Essex, including Brentwood

Benefits of double glazed windows

A double glazed window is much more than just something to decorate the home, provide light in and visibility out. They are important for high performance thermal efficiency and improving the structural integrity of your Brentwood home.

The exclusion of draughts is largely down to the efficiency of your windows and how well they have been fitted. Double glazed units are vastly better at doing this when they are free from faults. They’re also a marked upgrade from single pane. Giving you two reasons to ensure your windows are maintained and kept up to date.

Having strong windows and front doors is also vital in protecting your home or business and giving you increased security from vandalism, burglaries and criminal damage.

Double glazing can be installed in both windows and doors, and not just your front and back doors. Patio doors, conservatories and bi fold doors can all benefit from double glazing glass.

For homeowners and commercial buildings in Brentwood, it is absolutely essential to have double glazed windows and doors to make sure you’re protected from the elements and not losing money as a result of poor insulation.

Double Glazing Brentwood

Reasons to get double glazing

Better security

In the unlikely event that your property is targeted by thieves or vandals, you can feel protected knowing that you have two panes of solid glass in your windows to act as a deterrent.

Noise Reduction

Double glazed windows and doors offer superior soundproofing, giving you the opportunity to relax in your home or office without being interrupted by noise disturbances outside.

Increase in house value

Customers who have double glazing installed can expect the value of their house in Brentwood to increase. This is a reflection of how desirable and worthwhile they are.

Lower insurance

Double glazing installations reduce your home insurance premium as they make your house less susceptible to break ins and also weather damage.

A more comfortable and warm home or business

Once you’ve had the expert fitters at Anigmar install double glazed windows and doors in your home or business, you will enjoy less condensation, reduced noise and brighter rooms.

Specialists in double glazing Brentwood

We have more than 50 years experience as double glazing installers and performing double glazing repair in Essex. We’re a professional company with a strong reputation for being a knowledgeable and experienced team of experts.

Our double glazing and replacement windows adhere to the highest quality standards and every install is performed by our friendly team of trusted traders. We have a vast range of windows and doors to choose from, so you can be sure that you’ll be able to find something to your liking that matches the style of your home.

When you contact us, you’re guaranteed an unbeatable service from our expert team in Brentwood. We get you started with a free no obligation quote and then deliver exactly to your requirements.

To get the ball rolling or get some further information speak to our team today.

Double Glazing Brentwood

Double glazing repairs Brentwood

It’s not always necessary to replace windows doors and, in some cases, double glazing can simply be repaired.

We understand it’s not easy to know when there’s something wrong with the glass or frames in windows doors in your house, so read on to see if yours need some maintenance or repair work.

Here are just a few:

You see condensation between the panes

Double glazing should show no signs of mist or condensation between the panes. If you do see this then we will need to replace the glass. We’ll also carry out remedial work to stop it from happening again.

They no longer close or lock properly

If windows or doors in your property have suddenly become stuck or hard to open, or maybe locks aren’t working then you will need to have them looked at immediately. If you don’t, you could find that the window or door in question no longer gives you the security you need.

Change of colour or damage to frames

uPVC windows and frames don’t normally wear down or change too much after installation, so when they do, you can sense that something isn’t quite right.

Draughts and leaks

If you can feel air or see water coming through your windows or a door then you know they’re no longer secure.

Seals damaged or missing

The quality of the seals on your windows and door is massively important when it comes to performance against the weather. If you spot any damage or missing seals then it’s best to get in touch with our team so we can rectify this for you.

Brentwood Double glazing installer for windows and composite doors

One of the simplest and most affordable home improvements work you can have done is the installation of double glazed windows and double glazed doors.

We stock a full range of windows doors from all of the leading manufacturers. We only ever source high-quality products that comply with the highest standards of security and performance.

For our customers in Essex or the South East, we can supply doors and windows in all of the traditional styles and design options and we won’t be beaten on price.

Double Glazing company in Thurrock

Double glazing prices

Generally, the price of double glazing is based on these four factors

Window Design

Some designs are more elaborate and complex than others and as such will cost you more.

Materials Used

Glass can be housed in uPVC windows, wood, aluminium and several other materials. Each one has a different associated cost.

How Many Windows Doors You Have

You may only need a few windows, or you may require an upgrade on the entire house. It goes without saying that the more you have, the more it will cost.

The Size Of The Windows

This is the same for both windows and doors. Obviously, it will cost you less to have a few small windows double glazed than it will if you decide to have the doors and windows of conservatories done as well.

Whatever you need, we always strive to offer the best value possible to our customers and can always suggest innovative and creative ways to keep prices low without deviating from what you’re looking to achieve.

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